The NoVo Foundation Announces New Branch: NoVo in Kingston

July 20, 2023

The NoVo Foundation, a philanthropic organization established by Peter and Jennifer Buffett in 2006, announced today the formation of a new branch of the organization: NoVo in Kingston. The decision to establish NoVo in Kingston is rooted in the Foundation’s belief in the power of local communities to drive positive change.

“I’m excited to share the news of NoVo in Kingston as an affirmation of our commitment to this community, and as a practical way to continue our support for Kingston and our valued partnerships,” said Peter Buffett. “The depth of NoVo’s investment in Kingston is unique. To continue to support this local work most effectively, NoVo in Kingston will have a small, nimble team that can respond to community needs, along with the tools required to regularly communicate clearly and consistently about our grantmaking and special projects.”

Megan Weiss-Rowe, program coordinator for NoVo, will now serve as Director of NoVo in Kingston.

“As a Midtown Kingston resident, I’m so grateful to continue to work in and with the community I know and love,” said Weiss-Rowe. “NoVo in Kingston will embody the NoVo Foundation’s core values, while also creating the capacity and structure necessary to respond to ongoing challenges and emerging needs in Kingston.”

NoVo in Kingston will focus its efforts on building resiliency with the Kingston community, particularly in Midtown Kingston. In the upcoming years, a key priority will be seamlessly continuing NoVo’s local grantmaking and shepherding the timely completion of major capital projects in the Kingston area.

Current capital projects under development in 2023 include The Greenkill House, a newly renovated building adjacent to, and soon-to-be operated by, the Boys and Girls Club of Ulster County. First constructed in 1876, the building was vacant for several years before NoVo acquired the property and embarked on a full-scale renovation, including repointing the aging foundation. In the late summer, The Greenkill House will open its doors to the Midtown community, providing a safe, accessible, and supportive space for young adults who are seeking resources and opportunities. A community open house will be held this Fall.

Another capital project being advanced by NoVo in Kingston is The Metro.​​ This former factory, located on Greenkill Avenue in Midtown, will be a space for hands-on education, training, and career opportunities, with an emphasis on the trades and local production. Detailed design and site work has begun, with major construction expected to begin later in 2023.

In addition to supporting a variety of local housing organizations and initiatives, NoVo in Kingston is committed to working more deeply in the community on this issue, including the direct rehabilitation of vacant and dilapidated properties and research and development of potential new housing ownership models. At present, NoVo in Kingston is in the process of renovating several long-vacant properties in Midtown Kingston for affordable housing and community development opportunities.

The intention of each of NoVo in Kingston’s capital projects is to develop reliable and sustainable infrastructure that will serve the Kingston community for many years to come.

Currently, the NoVo Foundation supports more than 60 community-based organizations and local non-profits in the area. NoVo in Kingston will continue these local grantmaking efforts.

“The breadth of this support is reflective of how NoVo in Kingston will continue to approach local grantmaking, with an emphasis on working with community partners to create the conditions that support Kingston’s resilience,” said Weiss-Rowe. “We deeply value the trusted relationships we’ve built with local nonprofits and community organizations over the years. Our work is only possible because of the care and commitment of so many individuals who are striving to make Kingston a place where our neighbors are nurtured, and where young people are supported to grow, thrive, and imagine their futures – and Kingston’s.”

NoVo in Kingston will be composed of existing local staff and a small number of new core roles. Our website will be updated and expanded in the coming months, including the launch of NoVo in Kingston’s social media presence, capital project descriptions, and a newsletter.

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