Radio Kingston Studios


693 Broadway

Main Studio Exterior

13 Franklin Street

Rendering of Community Parklet



Partner: Radio Kingston

The home of Radio Kingston studios, the Bonesteel House has been a fixture of Midtown Kingston for generations. An octagonal house built in 1855, the building was previously a private residence and later became home to several businesses including an appliance store, the Fountain Lounge, and Tangles Salon. Studio design and architecture were performed by the Walters-Storyk Design Group with Equinox Construction doing the general contracting. The new studios have state-of-the-art audio as well as solar panels on the roof. Combined with the solar at the tower site, WKNY can stay on the air during emergencies and received a citation from Ulster County for its service passing along important community information during the Ice Storm of February 2022.

The Radio Kingston studios also include a gathering space located at 13 Franklin Street, which is utilized by community groups for events, meetings, and small performances, as well as by students who participate in drop-in after school program at the adjacent Everette Hodge Community Center.

The most recent addition to The Radio Kingston studios was recently completed! A community parklet, including greenery, seating areas, chess tables, and a free, accessible, standalone bathroom The Portland Loo is now open.

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