The Metro

The Fabrication Center at The Metro

2 South Prospect Street

The Metro Building is a vacant 70,000 sq. ft former factory located at the corner of South Prospect Street and Greenkill Avenue in Midtown Kingston. While the Metro’s Fabrication Center enters the construction phase, the remaining 55,000 sq. ft. of this building is still in the design and development process.

The core intention behind The Metro is to offer a supportive space for young people, particularly youth and young adults in Midtown, to gain hands-on education, training, and career opportunities, with an emphasis on the trades and local production. The Metro will offer work areas for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as a variety of multi-use spaces and services, based upon community input and interest.  Geothermal drilling and parking lot repairs have been completed, as contractors ready to begin full construction on the building’s interior in  2024. A significant upfront investment is being made into the latest energy-efficient technologies to lower long-term operating costs and ensure stability of the building’s operation in response to  our changing climate.

Contact: Any immediate concerns relating to construction can be directed to PC Construction, Larry Knapp, Project Director, [email protected]